Didn’t you learn that from your business major? People in business wear suits. Then they get into power suits and trying to make sure their suit is nicer than whomever they’re dealing with. Quackstar people, as much as they say they hate it, are doing whatever they can to look legitimate and like a real business.
They wear the suits to look “respectable”.

I can think of a number of reasons to wear a suit if they were a legit company. It’s just like how I decided to be sure to wear “geek” clothes when seeing clients. I know exactly what kind of effect I want and what perceptions I want my clients to have. They see my “agent” as the business person and, in some ways, see me as his pet geek. While that’s a distorted view, it servers me since it means I never have to answer business questions, negotiate fees, or deal with issues like that.

For Quackstar, it’s the opposite. They know people have doubts about what they’re doing. If they show up for meetings or to present “The Plan” in jeans and a t-shirt, they will not be taken seriously by potential marks –er, potential associates.

What I don’t see is why someone with street smarts and who was a business major does not see it.

Yes, I agree that it’s all a scam, and it’s almost comical, if you’re not watching a loved one in this, to see them dress so well and act so important to go to something we know is a fraud, but perception is everything and reality is nothing. Their perceptions of themselves, and the perceptions others have of them is being manipulated by the upslime, and wearing suits makes the IBDrones and the outsiders think they’re important.

Me? I prefer having the power and not showing everyone I do, instead saying, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” Them? They “have no power here,” yet they like to think they do and want others to think so as well.

In my experience, the more someone needs to show people he has power, the less power he truly has over himself. (And yes, I know the Donald likes to show off his power — what does that say about how he feels about himself and his inner sense of security?)