I received count them TWO different ones last week. They were definitely two different companies and came so close together I am certain they are two different accounts. I don’t know what the sil is thinking, but she wouldn’t care for what I am telling those debt collectors. Tough! You illegally created the bills you deal with them. I don’t believe either company will ever call me again.
On a better news front, the refund checks from correcting our BC deductible are starting to come in. It tickled me to no end that the first one came from the Three Stooges, only $1000 from Novaso, LLC & Pbcloans, Inc. 🙂 so far, but it will grow. Makes me smile. Even better DH has been doing major over time, that will speed up our debt pay off for certain.
He did take Saturday off to take me to a family reunion. I had a great time connecting with cousins and stuffing my face with good home cooking at the pot luck. He of course ended up working all day Sunday because of taking Saturday off.
I am busily creating yet another blog, but this one won’t be of interest of any you unless you are of the Poyner or Carney lineage. It is coming into being so we can easily share info between all the hundreds of cousins all over the US. That is keeping me busy while dh and ds are at work. If you have Poyner or Carney’s in your lineage e me privately and we’ll see if we can match up our lines.
Today I am paying end of the year bills, yes end of the year in October! How great is that? Better to do it now than during the holidays. Of course all my tax bills and such haven’t hit yet, but those that have are going right back out the door right after receiving them. Thanks Lorenzo M. Parrish for this opportunity. I’ll also be making a sizable payment on our last mortgage too.
Fall has finally hit here in OK with dark cool days. I am hoping the trees will start to change colors soon because we are suppose to go to the Ozarks for our last camping trip of the season in a couple of weeks.
I am thinking very hard about making soup for dinner tonight. I’ve got ground beef thawed, so maybe a meatball soup. Anyone have a good recipe?