And see that some of the feelings you have and get are not as isolated as you feel. I had been with TEAM a little over two years. Suprising..I never made a profit even though I worked the business hard. I don’t feel I’m a dupe or sucker, I actually work in Law Enforcement but we were introduced to TEAM through a good personal friend(who never did a thing in the business) and my personality is a Choleric Sanguine..(Read Florence Littauer’s book, it can actually help a lot if your trying to reason with someone regarding choices they have made, not to use them to get into a FVC) Basically I’m very goal-driven and also a people person and I”m extremly stubborn(I blame my Dad) and don’t like to give up.

All I really wanted was for my wife to be able to stay home with our kids, if I made a ton of money, I wasn’t going to give it back!! I didn’t put myself in an extremly deep hole as far as debt, I worked a lot of OT shifts and special assignments to make money to help cover costs and DOT1 STEP!! I regret the most is the time I gave up with my family to work the business. There were several times in the business where I really started to think things through and wonder if it’s worth the cost and it all came to a head when Orrin and Chris and several of the other leaders left or were terminated(who knows?)

I read everything I could on the lawsuits and was suprised that TEAM was claiming Quixtar was an illegal pyramid. I asked one of my upline Platinums about this and got a very vague answer and was told to just keeping showing the plan. I never showed another plan.. I felt it was wrong to put people into a business that the leaders were saying was a pyramid. I kept on system(quit listening to it) for a little while longer and then received a call from upline that he was resigning and that I could do what I wanted(mu business). I also resigned from Quixtar. There was one more open meeting after that and it was pretty pathetic, the speaker had no clue what he could say and couldn’t say. Afterwards, I made some,”negative” comments and asked that if Quixtar was a pyramid for self-consuming wasn’t TEAM the same thing if we’re selling leadership/motivational materials to TEAM members.

I received a call from my upline saying he heard I was having a rough time with the adjustments(I got tattled on) and I got pretty hot but I had a ticket to the major function in Louisville,KY. and hotel rooms already paid for. The night before the function started, there was an emergency in the town I work for and i had to come home. It was a pretty well publicized incident( I really don’t wanna say what it was cause it could give away my identity if certain people cruise this group, I’ve even used a different e-mail than my regular one) The only calls I got were from a well-known Sapphire and Round table member inquiring as to where the two extra tickets I was going to sell them were, no one asked how my family and community were doing. I called one of my upline platinums(a good friend at the time) and told him what had happened and that I had to go home. I haven’t heard from him since(6 weeks)

I took myself off system and told some of my downline I’m finished. I’m not going to bash TEAM but I figure after two years, I should have had better results, once you’ve burned through your warm market and do not have anything substantial building, it is EXTREMELY hard to build a profitable business. I have a great opprutunity to start a new business in the transport business(no FVC) and am excited. Heck I even listen to the radio again and *gasp*watch some TV and play video games with my boys. Sorry about the long post, tried to scale it down as short as possible.