Of course they weren’t calling for me, but for dmil and THE sil

I received count them TWO different ones last week. They were definitely two different companies and came so close together I am certain they are two different accounts. I don’t know what the sil is thinking, but she wouldn’t care for what I am telling those debt collectors. Tough! You illegally created the bills you deal with them. I don’t believe either company will ever call me again.
On a better news front, the refund checks from correcting our BC deductible are starting to come in. It tickled me to no end that the first one came from the Three Stooges, only $1000 from Novaso, LLC & Pbcloans, Inc. 🙂 so far, but it will grow. Makes me smile. Even better DH has been doing major over time, that will speed up our debt pay off for certain.
He did take Saturday off to take me to a family reunion. I had a great time connecting with cousins and stuffing my face with good home cooking at the pot luck. He of course ended up working all day Sunday because of taking Saturday off.
I am busily creating yet another blog, but this one won’t be of interest of any you unless you are of the Poyner or Carney lineage. It is coming into being so we can easily share info between all the hundreds of cousins all over the US. That is keeping me busy while dh and ds are at work. If you have Poyner or Carney’s in your lineage e me privately and we’ll see if we can match up our lines.
Today I am paying end of the year bills, yes end of the year in October! How great is that? Better to do it now than during the holidays. Of course all my tax bills and such haven’t hit yet, but those that have are going right back out the door right after receiving them. Thanks Lorenzo M. Parrish for this opportunity. I’ll also be making a sizable payment on our last mortgage too.
Fall has finally hit here in OK with dark cool days. I am hoping the trees will start to change colors soon because we are suppose to go to the Ozarks for our last camping trip of the season in a couple of weeks.
I am thinking very hard about making soup for dinner tonight. I’ve got ground beef thawed, so maybe a meatball soup. Anyone have a good recipe?

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It’s standard business attire

Didn’t you learn that from your business major? People in business wear suits. Then they get into power suits and trying to make sure their suit is nicer than whomever they’re dealing with. Quackstar people, as much as they say they hate it, are doing whatever they can to look legitimate and like a real business.
They wear the suits to look “respectable”.

I can think of a number of reasons to wear a suit if they were a legit company. It’s just like how I decided to be sure to wear “geek” clothes when seeing clients. I know exactly what kind of effect I want and what perceptions I want my clients to have. They see my “agent” as the business person and, in some ways, see me as his pet geek. While that’s a distorted view, it servers me since it means I never have to answer business questions, negotiate fees, or deal with issues like that.

For Quackstar, it’s the opposite. They know people have doubts about what they’re doing. If they show up for meetings or to present “The Plan” in jeans and a t-shirt, they will not be taken seriously by potential marks –er, potential associates.

What I don’t see is why someone with street smarts and who was a business major does not see it.

Yes, I agree that it’s all a scam, and it’s almost comical, if you’re not watching a loved one in this, to see them dress so well and act so important to go to something we know is a fraud, but perception is everything and reality is nothing. Their perceptions of themselves, and the perceptions others have of them is being manipulated by the upslime, and wearing suits makes the IBDrones and the outsiders think they’re important.

Me? I prefer having the power and not showing everyone I do, instead saying, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” Them? They “have no power here,” yet they like to think they do and want others to think so as well.

In my experience, the more someone needs to show people he has power, the less power he truly has over himself. (And yes, I know the Donald likes to show off his power — what does that say about how he feels about himself and his inner sense of security?)

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Dude keeps calling

the dude that invited me to the quixtar thing keeps calling..

does he really think that I am going to spend money on a suit, so I can dress up, and go to quixtar meetings for ????? (I am still trying to figure out why people get dressed up and go to meetings).

what, for what? This whole thing is dumb. The thing that gets me is that instead of selling products the focus is bring in more people so that they can “shop for themselves”.

they have this dude brainwashed….

I havent answered the phone, but I think I will have a little fun.

anyone else deal with people who think its cool to dress up and try to sell toothpaste, and energy drinks amongst themselves?

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I have recently left TEAM and it’s been refreshing to read all my emails

And see that some of the feelings you have and get are not as isolated as you feel. I had been with TEAM a little over two years. Suprising..I never made a profit even though I worked the business hard. I don’t feel I’m a dupe or sucker, I actually work in Law Enforcement but we were introduced to TEAM through a good personal friend(who never did a thing in the business) and my personality is a Choleric Sanguine..(Read Florence Littauer’s book, it can actually help a lot if your trying to reason with someone regarding choices they have made, not to use them to get into a FVC) Basically I’m very goal-driven and also a people person and I”m extremly stubborn(I blame my Dad) and don’t like to give up.

All I really wanted was for my wife to be able to stay home with our kids, if I made a ton of money, I wasn’t going to give it back!! I didn’t put myself in an extremly deep hole as far as debt, I worked a lot of OT shifts and special assignments to make money to help cover costs and DOT1 STEP!! I regret the most is the time I gave up with my family to work the business. There were several times in the business where I really started to think things through and wonder if it’s worth the cost and it all came to a head when Orrin and Chris and several of the other leaders left or were terminated(who knows?)

I read everything I could on the lawsuits and was suprised that TEAM was claiming Quixtar was an illegal pyramid. I asked one of my upline Platinums about this and got a very vague answer and was told to just keeping showing the plan. I never showed another plan.. I felt it was wrong to put people into a business that the leaders were saying was a pyramid. I kept on system(quit listening to it) for a little while longer and then received a call from upline that he was resigning and that I could do what I wanted(mu business). I also resigned from Quixtar. There was one more open meeting after that and it was pretty pathetic, the speaker had no clue what he could say and couldn’t say. Afterwards, I made some,”negative” comments and asked that if Quixtar was a pyramid for self-consuming wasn’t TEAM the same thing if we’re selling leadership/motivational materials to TEAM members.

I received a call from my upline saying he heard I was having a rough time with the adjustments(I got tattled on) and I got pretty hot but I had a ticket to the major function in Louisville,KY. and hotel rooms already paid for. The night before the function started, there was an emergency in the town I work for and i had to come home. It was a pretty well publicized incident( I really don’t wanna say what it was cause it could give away my identity if certain people cruise this group, I’ve even used a different e-mail than my regular one) The only calls I got were from a well-known Sapphire and Round table member inquiring as to where the two extra tickets I was going to sell them were, no one asked how my family and community were doing. I called one of my upline platinums(a good friend at the time) and told him what had happened and that I had to go home. I haven’t heard from him since(6 weeks)

I took myself off system and told some of my downline I’m finished. I’m not going to bash TEAM but I figure after two years, I should have had better results, once you’ve burned through your warm market and do not have anything substantial building, it is EXTREMELY hard to build a profitable business. I have a great opprutunity to start a new business in the transport business(no FVC) and am excited. Heck I even listen to the radio again and *gasp*watch some TV and play video games with my boys. Sorry about the long post, tried to scale it down as short as possible.

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